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First and foremost, my dogs are my pets. I do enjoy showing them in conformation. I'm proud of what I have accomplished, and it's my hobby, like other people play golf. But I'm not "all about the titles"... The conformation titles my dogs earn reflect the consideration, work and love I put into my breeding program. For the limited amount of showing I do, I'm quite successful! I also enjoy performance events like coursing ability tests, barn hunt and earthdog. And I love snuggling with my dogs on a rainy day, and having them near to hand at night in my bed.


I remember purchasing my first purebred dog. I told the Borzoi breeder, I want the prettiest pet Borzoi I can get. I understand that my pet puppy buyers feel the same way, and I strive to produce healthy, beautiful puppies with temperaments as nice as their conformation. After all, when everything is said and done, you live with your dog for many years. They must be a good pet! 


I hope you enjoy the pictures in the galleries below. It features some of the Ashcroft pets from across the country and around the globe. Some are retired champions that you'll see in show poses on other pages, others have never seen a show ring, just because it wasn't what their owners were interested in, and I don't believe in making someone show a dog if it's not what they care about. My reputation doesn't hinge on the number of dogs I show, rather the quality. And, on the quality of the pets I produce to brighten the lives of pet owners across the county. At the end of the day, or a show career, all are beloved pets, and for a dog, that's what it's all about!

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