In recent years, the number of Bedlington Terrier puppies registered annually with the American Kennel Club hovered around 200 puppies in the entire USA. Compare that to over 87,000 Labrador Retriever pups in the same period. The average Bedlington litter is 4-5 puppies.

I strongly recommend you locate a breeder that you like and that you put a deposit down to reserve a puppy from their next litter. This puppy will be with you for years. Spend at least as much time researching your breeder and your puppy as you would buying a new car!


I am an AKC Breeder of Merit and BTCA Breeder of Distinction. Occasionally, puppies or dogs available for sale to responsible and loving prospective buyers, will be listed below. I reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy or dog at my discretion.


Contact:        Phone: (610) 273-2434​  (evenings)

I am very happy to announce the arrival of four lovely puppies out of Lily (mult group winning GCh Ch Ashcroft Mystic Red Sky At Night) and my Swedish import, Tux (Velvety The Boy In The Fancy Suit). An easy whelping Wednesday evening produced a blue female, 2 sandy females and a sandy male. Pups got a good once over by my vet when dew claws were done, and were pronounced healthy, fat and looking great!

This is a very exciting combination with parents of superb type and conformation, excellent temperaments and the genetic diversity I went to Velvety for. 









I have a mature adult spayed female who I will place when I find the right home for her. She is AKC pointed and has her barn hunt instinct title. She must be an only pet (no other dogs or cats). 

Contact:        Phone: (610) 273-2434​  (evenings)





Another puppy resource is the breeder referral pages of the Bedlington Terrier Club of America website, at Reach out to breeders asking about their plans for future litters.

Annual AKC Registration Statistics

for Bedlington Terriers

Breeder Bill Shelton had this wonderful observtion:

The next time someone infers that purebred dogs are inferior to any other, inform them of a few of these details;

Purebreds when acquired from preservationist breeders are the healthiest family of dogs known to exist in the world today! How do we know this? Because preservation breeders are purposeful breeders, only selecting fathers and mothers on generations of documented health tested individuals and their families, possessing and only breeding from the happiest well adjusted of tested character.

No other colony of dogs in the world have generational scientific documentation as gathered specifically by reporting purebred breeders to agencies like Orthopedic Foundation of America, and used as a tools in purposefully breeding the next generation of the happiest healthiest family of dogs.

AKC Purebred dogs breeders join and are represented by their own "Canine Health Foundation", a cutting edge foundation bringing preservationist breeders the absolute latest in health, and DNA sciences for canine health, and optimum reproduction. One of the only foundations of its kind to exist for the sole purpose of creating a genuinely healthier canine existence. The canine genome has been successfully mapped. These foundations have contributed to finding cures for human disease through their studies.

Purposeful purebred breeders take care of their own, that's why as reported by the National Animal Interest Alliance, Purebreds were identified as only representing 4 to 5 percent of all dogs found in shelters today. AKC Purebreds breeders have developed a nation wide rescue network of AKC parent breed clubs and their regional chapter clubs rescues.

AKC breeders of merit microchip their puppies, so no purposefully bred dog is ever left behind in a shelter.

AKC purebred and crossbred dogs can depend on a nation wide AKC disaster relief program initiated in time of national disaster for the sole purpose of reuniting and caring for canines in need.

AKC clubs and their breeders across this nation, offer thousands of events in socialization, obedience, and their very own "Canine Good Citizen" programs. Events are offered where preservation breeders assemble to identify the progress of their breeding programs.

These are only a few of all the positives that surround these unique, mystical and rare canine that have been traditionally, and purposefully bred for centuries. I invite you to share in all of the unique benefits and pure joy of owning a member of the family that was brought into this world purposefully bred, for health and happiness.

Elizabeth Brinkley had this insightful article published in BestInShowDaily.

Some of our previous litters


GCH CH Ashcroft Wedding Crasher x GCH CH Ashcroft Xcellent Surprise                                                          06/20/2019

GCH CH Ashcroft Wedding Crasher x GCH CH Ashcroft Xcellent Surprise                                                          08/05/2017

GCH CH Ashcroft Xemplar CA RATCHx4 x GCh Ashcroft Mystic Red Sky At Night                                            07/15/2017


Ashcroft Talking 'Bout My Girl x GCh Ch Ashcroft Wedding Crasher                                                                     09/27/2015


Ashcroft Hope For Magic x GCh Ch Ashcroft Xemplar CA,RATCHx2                                                                     07/14/2015


GCh Ch Ashcroft Xcellent Surprise x Ch Ashcroft Talk Of The Town                                                                      08/05/2013


Ch Lambs End Calientita At Ashcroft x Ch Ashcroft Jersey Boy                                                                              09/09/2012


Ch Sandy And Blues Silvia Of Sweden x Ch Ashcroft Jersey Boy                                                                             05/19/2012


Ch Ashcroft Do U Believe In Magic JE, RATO, CA x GChB Ch Kaylynn's Party Crasher                                    04/23/2012


Ashcroft Talking 'Bout My Girl x GChB Ch Kaylynn's Party Crasher                                                                      04/26/2011


Ch Sandy And Blues Silvia Of Sweden x Am GCH/UK/Nord Ch Isotop's Xceptional Friend                            03/22/2011


Ch Ashcroft Ain't Miss Behavin' x MBISS GCh LAMZ Viva Las Vegas                                                                    03/13/2011


Ch Destiny Ashcroft Rocks On x Ch Boardwalk Ticket To The Moon                                                                      09/14/2009


Ch Ashcroft Ain't Miss Behavin' x Ch Ashcroft Rogers Tivoli CD                                                                              07/13/2009


Ch Ashcroft Do U Believe In Magic JE, RATO, CA x Ch Ashcroft Sangeo Santana                                               07/11/2009


Ch Ashcroft Do U Believe In Magic JE, RATO, CA x Ch Ashcroft Sangeo Santana                                               12/19/2008


Ashcroft Lucky Penny x Ashcroft Magical Jackson                                                                                                      10/08/2007


Ch Destiny Ashcroft Rocks On x Ch Boardwalk Ticket To The Moon                                                                       04/23/2007


Ch Ashcroft Sangeo Sonora x Ch Boardwalk Ticket To The Moon                                                                           05/21/2006


Ch Wrightwyn's Puttin' On The Ritz x name removed at owner's request                                                             04/17/2006


Ch Ashcroft Sangeo Sonoma x Ch Sandon 'N' Oakhill Cheyna's Cheylo                                                                  07/26/2005


Ch Destiny Ashcroft Rocks On x name removed at owner's request                                                                        07/10/2005


Ch Wrightwyn's Puttin' On The Ritz x Ch Jewelbox Diamond Jim                                                                          07/30/2004


Ch Wrightwyn's Puttin' On The Ritz x name removed at owner's request                                                             10/26/2002

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Ashcroft Talking 'Bout My Girl with her one day old sandy Bedlington Terrier puppies. Five boys, three girls.