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After considering options since 1975, a Borzoi breeder, Francie Stull, determined that a smaller hound with wonderful temperament, long coat, all-around good health, with the poise and sporting abilities of the larger sighthounds, would be an ideal second breed for her kennel.

With more than two hundred champion Borzoi in the record books, Kristull's Silken Windhound foundation stock combined dogs from some of the best show and coursing Borzoi lines, a multi-generational line of small Whippet-based lurchers, and Whippets from both show and coursing lines.

The result of the breeding program was a magnificent little sighthound designed to fill a gap in the line-up of sighthound breeds - a medium-sized elegant hound, at home both in the show ring and in the field, about 18-24 inches at the shoulder, with an easy-care, long, silken coat in all sighthound colors and color combinations, and a steady, affectionate and confident personality.

Typically, Silken Windhounds live very healthy, active lives. While most live into their late teens, the oldest known Silken Windhound lived a few months past her 20th birthday.

Silken Windhounds arrived as a breed with the "D" litter whelped in 1985. In 1998 the name Silken Windhound was officially adopted and the Yahoo Windhounds list was formed.

The International Silken Windhound Society, chartered in 1999, maintains all pedigrees and DNA-verified registrations for the breed.

Silken Windhounds are now found throughout the United States as well as Austria, Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Union of South Africa.


To learn more about the breed visit the International Silken Windhound Society website.

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