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Having started in Borzoi in the 1980's, I missed the laid back sighthound temperament while I lived with my Bedlington Terriers. I had seen the Silken Windhound breed's beginning while I still had Borzoi, and over the years would take occasional peeks at their progress. In recent years it appeared that the breed type and size were starting gain consistency as the International Silken Windhound Society (ISWS) governed the breed's progress. I visited a breeder, but upon leaving, didn't think I was ready to resume life with a breed that shed, as I rolled the silky white hair off my blue jeans...  A few years later, I happened across an announcement that the ISWS National Specialty would be held in Gettysburg, PA. It was a sunny, pleasant weekend, and this seemed a lovely way to spend an afternoon, so off to Gettysburg I trekked. With an entry in the mid 30's they had as many dogs as we see at some Bedlington specialties. Several breeders had traveled from quite a distance to attend, providing a nice variety of lines to observe. I noted a few dogs that were very pretty movers of correct size, and introduced myself to their breeder. Karen Sanders had traveled from Oregon to attend with her Allagante Silkens. We discussed a possible show puppy she had at home, but before I could act, my father became ill, and life interrupted my plans.

It was two years later when I visited the Allagante website again, and saw that the bitch I had admired in Gettysburg was having a litter. Karen and I talked, and I was able to reserve a puppy from her litter between Sky and Drifter born Valentine's Day 2014. As Karen posted pictures of the pups' progress, I kept going back to one of the little girls... Karen arranged that I could attend the litter evaluation by Pat Hastings while I was in Oregon to pick up my puppy. While Pat considered her the second best of the girls, she was first in my eyes, so I came home with the puppy who stole my heart from the beginning, Allagante Super Nova. Nova was a horrible traveler!! She screamed from the Sherpa bag every minute she spent in it, except, thank goodness, while we were actually in flight. (I'm sure the people in the gate area were in dread when they realized the screaming bag and I were on their flight). She also took time to adjust to auto travel, but has finally settled into a comfortable traveler when we go for rides. 

Nova has matured into a lovely Silken. 21 inches tall, she is comfortably within the standard for height. Very elegant and feminine, she is a lovely mover wth ground covering side gait, true coming and going. My biggest problem is that I can't keep up with her going around the ring! While the Silken temperament is different from the Borzoi, Nova has proven to be a lovely dog to live with. She is affectionate, vocal, playful, and finds great fun running with the Bedlingtons. As she grew she adjusted her play style to the smaller dogs, and now plays tag with two at a time. She does shed, a few times a year as she cycles or the weather dictates. But her coat is much easier to care for than the Bedlingtons, so there are "trade-offs" with each breed. The Silken community has been very welcoming and supportive and I appreciate their willingness to share their love of the breed with a newcomer.

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