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The Bedlington Terrier Club of America (BTCA) is the National Breed Club here in the USA. They approve the standard for the breed and promote it's welfare.

The BTCA welcomes members who own Bedlington Terriers, whether they are "show folk" or pet owners. The benefits to joining the national breed club are many, including a network of concerned Bedlington Terrier owners, information about health, grooming and general Bedlington welfare, and of course the club magazine, Tassels & Tales, which promotes advertising by show competitors and pet owners alike.

The club sponsors raffles of lovely items to support breed rescue, health research and it's annual events. They encourage member participation at "meet the breed" events, judges' education seminars, and just to help out at specialty and floating specialty shows. To join BTCA, ask the breeder of your dog to sponsor you. They should send you some club documents - the constitution, by-laws and code of ethics, as well as a membership application with their sponsorship section completed. The sponsorship is required to protect the club from membership by puppy millers, etc.

I encourage you to join BTCA, get more involved with your breed, and with the people who breed them, own them and love them. For more information, visit the BTCA website and ask your dog's breeder to sponsor you for membership.

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