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Grooming Your Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier is a groomed breed. This is NOT a dog that will look cute and fluffy if he's not groomed. What they'll look is matted!

not a Bedlington Terrier

Ok, so this is a sheep (or a goat?) - but you get my drift!


Most pet Bedlingtons are professionally groomed about every 6 weeks. Pet owners can learn to clip the short parts: ears, cheeks and throat, tail and belly, to maintain the clean cut look of the breed between groomings if they desire. Shaping the body and blending the body and legs is the more difficult task. If your local groomer does not know how to clip a Bedlington Terrier, and many will not due to the scarcity of the breed, there are instructional videos and grooming manuals available.


A typical pet Bedlington will be cut shorter than a show dog, to reduce maintenance and upkeep. Many pet owners leave a little hair on the tail if they don't find our traditional "rat tail" appealing. Show Bedlingtons are often groomed every week!

If you want to learn to groom your Bedlington Terrier yourself, you will need a mentor. Try to locate a willing breeder or groomer who can spend some time and show you the basics. You will find grooming your own dog a rewarding experience. Next, practice, practice, practice. And don't worry about mistakes - hair grows back!

There is a helpful grooming chart on the Bedlington Terrier Club of America website.


Pet owners and show owners alike will need the following for basic care of their Bedlington Terrier:

slicker brush, puppy type, or "soft" teeth

comb, with 1 inch long, fine to medium teeth (greyhound comb)

nail trimmers or a Dremel nail grinder (GREAT instructions on how to Dremel your dog's nails can be found here,  just look for the link on the lower left side of her home page  -great pictures and instructions)

Qwik Stop (or other styptic powder) for nails trimmed too short (oops!)

After Shave - to reduce irritation and scratching on shaved skin

cotton swabs and ear cleaning solution     Since ear infections are common, try the "Blue Power" ear treatment 

ear powder (for gripping/plucking hair from inside ears) - Bio Groom brand works really well

Hemostats - for pulling hair deeper than the fingers can reach


For those who wish to groom their own dog, the following additional equipment is required:

Clippers (popular brands are Oster, Andis

Clipper blades size 40, 15, 7F, and for a short, racy body on a pet, a 4F

Cool Lube (to cool off clipper blades)

Clipper cleaning solution

Shears - start with 8 1/2 inch straight shears unless you're accustomed to grooming and using something longer

grooming table with arm and noose

High velocity dryer


Ungroomed                                                           Same dog, groomed

Bedlington Terrier
Bedlington Terrier
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