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Ashcroft Inside Edition

Ashcroft Inside Edition (Taboo) and littermate Sw/Fin CH Ashcroft Notice My Awesomeness (Bliss) are the result of my only accidental breeding, but what a happy accident. Vince and China produced a lovely litter of  eight sandy puppies from a single, very late breeding. 

Taboo earned both her majors in a weekend, and then was "put away" while I dealt with my own orthopedic surgeries. I never got her back out. 

When Taboo was five, I decided she was too nice not to breed, and got a single puppy with my import major ptd Velvety The Boy In The Fancy Suit. That puppy grew up to be CH Ashcroft Here's To The Good Times (Cruise), who has been a wonderful addition for Ashcroft and other Bedlington kennels. Her second and final litter to JP BIS CH Ashcroft If You Just Smile produced the lovely sisters CH Ashcroft Som're Winsome And Then Some and Ashcroft Som're Bound For Glory.

Uterine adhesions post c-section dictated that Taboo be spayed, and she resides at Ashcroft in retirement.

Taboo's Pedigree

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