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Velvety Boy In The Fancy Suit

SEUCH FINUCH NOUCH NORDUCH NOV-19 Notice Knight Rider (Kitt) x Mor Ch.Velvety Follow The Dream (Nomi) introduce son Velvety Boy In The Fancy Suit, call name Tux. My thanks to Ida T Karlsson and Lise Nilsson for entrusting this outstanding young male to my love and care. He is everything I had hoped for, and will represent Velvety beautifully here in the USA. Pedigree here.


                               Velvety Boy In The Fancy Suit, Tux.




Kennel Velvety has had several top winning dogs in the USA. They are the epitome of elegance, lovely type and ground covering movement. Tux has a stunning head, balanced body with a sweet temperament and a willingness to please. Welcome, sweet baby, to Ashcroft.

tux stacked 12 weeks.jpg
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