Alfred is learning fast! Accidents have been minimal- we are learning his signs of when he has to go and he loves the praise when he "gets busy" outside! He is getting used to his new routine and has been sleeping through the night. He is so affectionate; we are absolutely in love with him! 


Hi Diane ,

Just wanted to let you know that I took Pork chop to the vet today.  They said that overall everything looks good.  He got two more vaccinations, we're starting on the heartworm and tick and we're going to hear back about the fecal test. 


 I took him to my office today and got a super cute picture of him sitting on the doctor's chair He looks like Eeyore. 

Overall he's just a happy sweet cuddly dog. He loves meeting all the other dogs and I'm trying to get him not to chase the squirrels.

By the way the vet took down your name and said that she would keep you as a reference for anyone that wanted a Bedlington since you are such a good breeder.